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March 14, 2022

Hi everyone! After talking with Archer & Wally recently, they told me that I should continue their tradition of sharing life’s insights from my unique perspective. I see the world from a whopping two feet seven inches high, so it’s a little different from down here! Apparently, there are a lot of people who like to hear from me, but it is hard to communicate with grownups because they don’t understand my language just yet. I’m trying to learn some of their words, but for now, I prefer my own unique form of communication – I call it babbling.

What I don’t understand is why everyone is always smiling at me, making goofy faces and cheering me on when I do stuff? I’m just trying to live my best life here…but, I guess I do enjoy the positive reinforcement. Sometimes I laugh at my parents when they are making silly faces, but they just keep doing it. At least it’s entertaining!

A couple of weeks ago, I did figure out how to stand up and walk by myself! I must admit, it is much easier on the knees to be able to make my way around the house. I like to sneak towards the stairs and make Mom & Dad chase after me! I try to get into kitchen cabinets and explore, but there is this contraption on the handle that I haven’t yet mastered. One of these days when I sneak away, I will figure it out.

My favorite time is bath time. When Mom & Dad start the bath, I can’t contain my excitement! I don’t waste any time making my way over to the bathtub, singing every step of the way! I splash as high as I can – I also like dunking my head underwater. It makes me laugh.

I’ve gotten a little annoyed that I must eat applesauce and other soft foods while Mom & Dad are eating a juicy piece of chicken or steak. I have six teeth now darn it! I am happiest when I get to eat what they are eating. When there is something I don’t like, I just spit it out! 😊

Well, that’s what is happening at my house. All this talking has me ready for a nap. As Archer & Wally instructed me to say…until next time!

  • Aubrie Wren

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