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Ten Keys to Retirement Ease

Financial health is critical to living a life with confidence. 'Ten Keys to Retirement Ease' guides you toward the most important financial planning areas to focus your time and energy. The goal of this succinct, yet detailed book is to help create more understanding of the technical expertise that goes into a comprehensive financial plan, guiding you to and through retirement with continued financial success. Knowledge cultivates confidence, which leads to retirement satisfaction and happiness - the most important "keys" of all!


Retirement 20/20

Does your ideal retirement involve spending time each day watching the stock market ticker drive up or down its daily roller coaster?


The Skinny on How to Have a Fat Retirement

In the age of information overload, it can be hard to find trustworthy financial advice. In this book, Jeff Cirino draws on his 25-plus years in the financial industry to give you the skinny on:

  • Risk and your retirement
  • The fees and costs associated with mutual funds and variable annuities
  • The 5 questions you should ask any financial advisor

The Big Squeeze: How Baby Boomers Can Survive & Thrive in the New Retirement Frontier

Increasing life spans. Inflation. Medicare costs and coverage. Changes to Social Security policies. Today’s retirees and pre-retirees face challenges that their grandparents did not. But that doesn’t mean their retirements have to be any less fulfilling.

In “The Big Squeeze,” Jeff Cirino walks you through the challenges of retiring in today’s world and how to prevent them. You’ll learn to better structure your finances to address:

  • Long-term care expenses
  • Unpaid Medicare costs
  • Inflation
  • Long life spans

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